Alas, my blogs are all in Dutch… But I love to tell you what they’re about. First, the title of my blog: Steeds Groen. Translated in English it would be something like evergreen. Now, the great thing is that in Dutch ‘steeds’ also means urban.

Urban Green – Ever Green
And that is important, because my blogs are all about urban green or nature in the city if you like.  For me, green – be it public or private – is underestimated but one of the most important aspects that define the quality of life in an urban environment.

My blogs
So I write about the importance of urban green, its ecological meaning, about plants, flowers and trees, about history, designing and – maybe even more important – maintaining public green. I write about what and who has inspired me concerning designing, and sometimes I get a bit angry with our local government because of the cuts in finance for maintaining public green.

But that is not all. During the years I also got more and more interested in the relation between green and health. It is a fascinating subject to read and write about. For me gardening is quite therapeutic. Studies have proven that natural environments are a resource in relation to human health.  There is research that shows that green (in- or outside)can help patients in hospitals feeling better.

By writing about all this I aim to reach and inspire other people.

My short story
My name is Marion Lijmbach and I live in Gouda (yes, the cheese-city!) in the Netherlands.  I love to travel, to read, to take pictures and to go for long walks with our dachshund Tilda, who has her own Instagram-account (@tilda_de_teckel)!

That’s all folks!